Parking Information


Parking fees are in effect in Point Pleasant Beach from March 1st thru October 31st. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE TRAIN STATION LOT, WHICH IS IN EFFECT YEAR ROUND. Please be aware that there are different parking systems throughout town, including traditional parking meters, “Pay and Display” and “Pay by Number.”  There are signs posted designating each system and instructions for same. 

For customers utilizing the traditional parking meters, be sure to insert the proper amount of quarters only required for the time you expect to park. 

For customers utilizing the “Pay and Display” system, you should receive two slips from the machine if paying by credit card; one is the receipt for the transaction and the other is the voucher to display on the driver's side of the vehicle’s dashboard face side up so it is clearly visible. Summonses will be issued for Improper Display if the voucher is upside down or cannot be clearly viewed.   NOTE: EXACT DOLLAR AMOUNT ONLY; NO CHANGE IS GIVEN BY MACHINE.

For customers utilizing the “Pay by Number” system, you should receive one slip from the machine; which is a receipt for the transaction.  There is no need to place anything on your dashboard.  Be sure to enter the exact number of the parking space your car is in to receive proper credit.  NOTE:  EXACT DOLLAR AMOUNT ONLY; NO CHANGE IS GIVEN BY MACHINE. 

Please immediately report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment.