• Police Department Employees

The Point Pleasant Beach Police Department is currently staffed by 23 full time Police Officers, 4 full time Communications Operators and 2 full time civilian personnel. During the summer months, the Police Department adds to the ranks a number of additional personnel, including Class II and Class I Special Officers, Parking Enforcement Officers and part time Communication Operators.

The Police Department is broken down into 3 separate groups. Administration, Investigations/Professional Standards and Patrol. The Chief of Police has the overall authority and responsibility for the Police Department, including areas such as budgeting, planning, training and policy development.

The Administrative Group is commanded by the Chief of Police. The Chief is responsible for the budget, and in charge of all operations of the Police Department.

The Investigations and Professional Standards Group is also commanded by a LT.  They are responsible for all criminal investigations with the Borough of Point Pleasant.

The Patrol Group, which is the core of the Police Department, is commanded by a Captain and is broken down into 4 squads that each work a 12 hour shift. Each squad consists of 4 officers and is commanded by a Sergeant. The Captain also supervises the School Resource Officer, the Bike Unit and the K-9 Unit.

The current Officers and Staff of the Point Pleasant Beach Police Department


Chief Joseph A Michigan #32

CPT Matthew Duffy #28

LT Gerald Quaglia #29


SGT William Ippolito #33

SGT Robert Kowalewski #49

SGT Clinton Daniel #45

SGT Kyle Grace #40


Corporal Derek O'Neill #42

Corporal Andrew Meany #50


Corporal Peter Andreyev #30 (currently assigned to the NJPBA)

Corporal Marc Distelcamp #38

Corporal Brian Spader #43

Corporal Frank Finn #46

Corporal Chris Mosca #48

PFC Scott Nase #51

PFC Kyle Boturla #52 & K9 Tyson

PFC Paschal Drew #53 & K9 Loki

PO Gary Siculietano #54

PO Joseph Gippetti #55

PO Bryan Benites #57

PO Thomas Hayes #58

PO Antonio Garcia #59

PO David Marchetti #60


​SCO Michael Fioretti

CO Brian Larrison

CO Christopher Burger

CO Kellie Parody

Support Personnel

Valerie Blauvelt - Records

Debra VanEtten - Data Entry

For any correspondence with or about a Police Officer or employee of the Police Department please send an e-mail to: policeinfo@pointbeach.org